Points worth ₹60,000 up for grabs!



Introducing our unique referral contest, offering you the chance to earn limitless rewards and access 100+ vouchers in our exclusive rewards marketplace.

Here’s how you can participate and win:
1. Refer Ten Friends: Invite ten friends to enroll in a JAIN Online Degree Program.
2. Earn Points for Each Referral: For every friend who enrolls through your referral, you’ll receive 4,000 points.
3. Bonus Points for Successful Referrals: Once all ten friends have successfully enrolled, you’ll be rewarded an additional 20,000 bonus points.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to earn and enjoy endless rewards. Start referring today and make the most of our referral contest!

Contest ends on 30th June 2024
Terms & Conditions Applied


Quickly log in to your account using the JOSH registered email credentials.


Start referring

Upon logging in, add the basic details of the individual/s you'd like to refer.


Earn points

Once your referral successfully enrolls and qualifies for our referral policy, the points will be added to your account.


Redeem vouchers

Redeem your points against 100+ brand options on the rewards marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It could be either or both -

  • The referee has successfully enrolled in a program.

  • The referee has cleared the admission and verification process.

Yes. Currently, the referral program is only open for JAIN Online learners.

If you've already enrolled with JAIN:

  • Fill out the basic details of the individual/s you'd like to refer.

  • Alternatively, share the referral invite link with them.

If you haven't signed up with JAIN yet:

  • Sign up first, then proceed with the steps mentioned above.

Once the referee meets the required eligibility criteria, our team will add the points to your dashboard, which can be redeemed at our exclusive rewards marketplace.

That could be because -

  • The referee might not have completed the enrollment process.

  • The admission has been rejected due to ineligibility.